As siblings growing up in a big family with a long history in the shoe business, we always shared the dream of having our own and common career in the world of shoes.

Paula chose to study shoe design and technology in Milan, while Ferdinand his amazing talent in sales.

Paula has gained extensive experience and a deep understanding of the world of footwear working in numerous shoe factories and companies around the world. From Hong Kong, to Italy - to Romania, experience and shoe techniques were gained, further growing the enthusiasm of the shoe world.

The combination of these two passions and the idea of enhancing numerous outfits with just one pair of shoes led to the birth of Aicus.

Our journey began with the launch of our first collection, Unique Kilim Loafers. These loafers combine the design of a classic English house slipper with high quality materials such as a leather sole and insole, and an outer material of hand-woven kilim and other fine fabrics.

After about three years, their professional paths diverged and Ferdinand decided to follow a different path while Paula deepened her love for the company and continued to grow it.

Over time, we grew and expanded our range to include leather boots, ankle boots, bags, hunting accessories and much more. All the while, our philosophy remained the same:
Each of our designs is unique, bearing its own distinctive character.

As we continued to expand our company, we made the decision to differentiate our product line into two main lines. The first line focused on unique and unconventional designs that emphasized individuality and creative expression.

The second line, on the other hand, was dedicated to classic shoe models that embodied timeless elegance and versatile wearability.

This strategic decision allowed us to address different target groups and delight our customers with a wide range of footwear options.

We are proud to share our love of footwear and design with the world and look forward to continuing to create unique and high-quality products that capture the hearts of our customers.